How To Find The Best Luxury Condos in Seattle

downtown seattle luxury condos for sale

When shopping for luxury in any market, real estate included, there’s a world of difference between knowing the monetary value of something and truly understanding it, which helps explain why some will happily spend whatever’s needed for true luxury while others stand idly by. But real estate is unique in the world of luxury expenditures for the simple fact that it’s also the number one way to build wealth. What better way to do so than to own an iconic piece of the Seattle skyline in the form of a luxury condo.

For the most part, true luxury doesn’t have much to do with finishes, decor or the materials that make up a residence. Those can all be changed, and often are with each new owner. But while these elements can’t be entirely written off by an astute buyer, true value is qualified by things that can’t be changed — things like location, building architecture, light availability, views, and even things like square footage and ceiling height.

So how do you find the right luxury condo in Seattle for you while avoiding all the fluff and inventory that’s just going to waste your time?


While you’d most certainly never want to make a multi-million-dollar decision on the word of an acquaintance or business partner, a good first place to start on your quest for the perfect Seattle luxury condo is with people that actually live here. You may know them already through business relationships and various degrees of separation, but this bit of knowledge can help inform where you’d like to make your next investment, including what buildings have the best views, the most seamless amenities and that are located in the best areas on the best streets. That said, just because you’ve located the perfect building doesn’t mean you’ll luck out with availability or view.

Seattle Locals



Which brings us to your local realtor. With years of experience, local brokers also know the prime locations in the city. Just be sure to hire someone that works the top of the market and has their ear to the ground for any new developments and upcoming availability or you may still miss out. If you’re honest and forthcoming with exactly what you’re looking for and you don’t accept anything less than perfection, together, you should eventually be able to find something that fits your budget and need.


In recent years, listing websites such as Zillow and Redfin are revolutionizing the buying and selling of homes by empowering both buyers and sellers with information that they never would have had years ago. It’s a great thing to be able to see all listings in a certain area for a certain price, and to interact directly with owners or their agents, but the sticker price and the photos rarely tell the whole story. A better photographer or agent can make a worse property seem more enticing than it actually is, which means it’s hard to trust those online profiles beyond informing your initial search. But if you don’t know the area or building, you could waste days or weeks of your valuable time on tours of luxury condos or buildings in downtown Seattle that you have no interest in. Furthermore, online clearinghouses don’t list everything, including new construction, so you may miss out on the best opportunities when you stick with an online search.


If you’re already a Seattle resident and work, live or play in the city, it’s easy to see new buildings go up in real-time. After a flurry of construction, it’s hard to miss these iconic constructions and their distinctive architectural statements. But in dense urban areas, large buildings don’t go up every day, or even every year, and that big construction project is just as likely to house workers and businesses as it is to provide luxury residences. Additionally, it’s hard to know when the right time to buy is. Some buildings only contain a few residences and go quickly. Others may have already sold the majority of homes during development, meaning that by the time the building’s done, the best prices and views have been spoken for. But like in every other part of life, timing is everything, and every once in a while, the stars will align and that desirable building will have a few homes left for you to quickly pounce on.


The Emerald Seattle View



That once-in-a-lifetime availability of luxury condos in downtown Seattle is just what’s happening right now with The Emerald, a new development at the coveted Second and Stewart location, just blocks away from the waterfront and with gorgeous panoramic views of Mt. Rainier, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Off in the distance, there’s also the iconic Space Needle.

Combining the best of modern living with a striking architectural statement, The Emerald rises 40 stories into the Seattle sky — much higher than most older buildings — giving you unobstructed views and access to the best that downtown Seattle has to offer. With only 262 signature residences, you’ll enjoy exclusive rights to the building’s modern amenities, and when you leave, you’re in the heart of it all in a truly walkable neighborhood that will have you fall in love with Seattle over and over again.

The best part is that it’s not too late to snatch up your slice of luxury living in Seattle at The Emerald, which is fast becoming Seattle’s premier luxury residence. Unlike residences in older buildings that may have changed hands dozens of times over the years, The Emerald allows you to start fresh in a residence that is truly and only yours. Call or click to find out how you can reserve your spot in this desirable building today.