Limited-Time Interior Design Offer with ASH at The Emerald

The Emerald’s model home design partners at ASH Staging, a division of ASH NYC were recently included in Architectural Digest’s World’s Top 100 Designers. For the fourth consecutive year, they’re the only staging service from an AD100 firm! The New York and California-based company is known for combining historically compatible disciplines under one roof—including design, development, hotels, staging and products—and The Emerald marks the company’s debut in Seattle. Now you can experience the assistance of award-winning design to style your new home at The Emerald.



From now through March, when you purchase a home at The Emerald, ASH Staging will help you create the perfect interior with a Custom Design Package. Receive a custom ASH-designed floor plan with furniture layout and placement, ASH-curated Design inspiration ‘lookbook’ and 15% discount to full interior design contract where the ASH team will source the items for your new home based on The Emerald model homes (for duplicate Panoramic Collection plans only). Several new homeowners have jumped at this chance to create their perfect space and you can too!


Andrew Bowen, Head of ASH Staging describes the ethos of styling residences for public viewing: “When designing the Model Residences for The Emerald, we carefully considered Seattle’s significant tech community. The property itself is located in the beating downtown heart of the city, so there’s an incredible metropolitan landscape surrounding it. However, when you enter the residences, you’re greeted by enormous floor-to-ceiling windows framing the expansive views of the Puget Sound which creates an interesting tension between the human-made and natural world. We aimed to celebrate this dichotomy in our designs by utilizing a color palette that echoed the deep blue water, dark green foliage, and soft white clouds unique to the Pacific Northwest, mixed with a selection of machine-age materials and tones. The end result, we feel, is a design that speaks to a notably contemporary — and almost futuristic — lifestyle, but also retains a sense of romanticism and a respect for the organic.”


When adding personal touches, the ASH Staging design team shares this suggestion for new homeowners:


“I would say start by keeping close your non-negotiables, and then building a story around those items to ensure they have a proper place in your new home. Perhaps there’s a family heirloom that has been passed down generations, or a handmade memento created at an earlier stage in life; by incorporating and proudly displaying these items, we connect both ourselves and our visitors to the broader spectrum of our genuine selves. So it’s best to not leave them as an afterthought, as they then might not make it into the completed picture.”


*The incentive amount is paid direct to ASH by Seller at closing. Custom designed floor plans will take one week to create. Furniture curation only offered for Panoramic Collection homes and for an exact replica of the model home. This offer is subject to change or cancellation without notice. The incentive promotion is valid only on contracts ratified and mutually accepted by March 31, 2022.