11 Fun Facts About Downtown Seattle

Luxury apartments and condos housed in Seattle’s downtown area provide no shortage of comforts and activities unique to the city. As you come to know the city better you’ll find a lot of interesting facts like, there are more dogs in the city than children, and quirks that further define Seattle’s downtown living experience. We’ve compiled some of our favorite facts and information about Seattle to give you a sense of what life could be like for you in a luxury for-sale apartment in Downtown Seattle.


1. Seattle Has An Impressive History
While many people who visit Seattle can quickly pick up on its uniquely modern culture ripe with music, great food, and beautiful living spaces, the fact is that the area making up Seattle has been inhabited for much longer than you might think. With evidence dating back to some 12,000 years ago, the green wilderness of Puget Sound has since been home to a variety of distinct cultures, from the initial natives to European settlers and later immigrants from all across the world. This diverse culture is still present in the community of homes and luxury condo high rise and apartment communities in Downtown Seattle. And if you’re more interested in recent history, several tours will take you into the Seattle Underground, a network of passageways and basements near Pioneer Square–they were ground-level in the mid-1800s before the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. At that point, the new city was built one-to-two stories higher.

2. The First City in the US to Play a Beatles Song on the Radio Was…
Seattle has a unique history with many different forms of music. It seems only natural that it was also the first city to use broadcasting to play one of the most famous bands in history, The Beatles. Since then, Seattle has been home to many well-known and up-and-coming artists, including Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Heart, and so many more. Today, living in Downtown Seattle puts residents close to a large variety of music venues, including concert halls, vintage record stores, and showrooms for a unique cultural experience.

3. Seattle is the Birthplace of Starbucks
March 31, 1971, saw the opening of the very first Starbucks in Seattle. Its business used to be a little different then, as it was founded to sell high-quality coffee beans and the equipment to brew them. Rather than selling coffee in-store, the only drinks available were for sampling the coffee beans. It’s come a long way since, and Seattle is the perfect place to celebrate this history. With no shortage of artisanal cafés and coffee shops to weather out the rain or the cold, residents of luxury apartments and condominiums in Downtown Seattle can enjoy some of the best brews the city offers.

4. Seattle’s Waterfront is Known for Its Seafood
Whether you’re looking to buy and cook at home or dine on some of the freshest fish in the United States, Seattle has the answer for you. Even if you aren’t interested in buying, you have to visit the Pike Place Fish Market, where the fish fly! World-renowned for fishmongers hurling huge salmon and albacore thirty feet across the stall, these workers won’t drop a single one–and then they’ll wrap it up for you. If you’re more immediately hungry, head down the stairs to the pier and have more than 30 varieties of fresh oysters at Elliott’s, or, if you want something fried, sit at Ivar’s and feed the seagulls your fish ‘n chips while you watch the ferries come and go.
Pike Place Market Seattle

5. You Can Eat Your Way Through Seattle
Specializing in Northern Italian fine dining, Cafe Juanita is a destination restaurant that is a must for foodies–the fan-favorite is a braised rabbit. If you want the finest in haute cuisine, Canlis is Seattle’s resident restaurant boasting not one but two Michelin stars and is said to have the best wine list in the country. But if you’re looking for a drink and a burger, then look no further than Loretta’s Northwesterner, with its wide-open outdoor dining for cool Seattle evenings in the sea breeze. Bathtub Gin Co. boasts 30 different kinds of gin, Hazelwood is the place for cocktails, and the bizarre Cha Cha Lounge has to be seen to be believed.

6. Highest Percentage of Residents with a College Degree or Higher
Seattle currently has the highest percentage of residents with a college degree or higher. With Americans becoming more and more educated as time progresses, they are more educated now than they’ve ever been in history. In 2017, Seattle touts 63% of their population, 25 and older, has a college degree according to the Seattle Times. Even amongst the nationwide educational boom, Seattle is a stand out. With each new generation, the level of education increases, with millennials ages 25-34 roughly 73% are college graduates. There are also shifts between gender lines as well, previously among older adults more men completed a college degree over women. This has now been reversed and can especially be seen in Seattle. With so many educational achievements, it is easy to see why Seattle is considered the most literate city in the country.

7. One of the Fastest Growing US Cities
In 1897, news about a massive gold strike in Canada’s Yukon River Valley reached Seattle and all the areas around it. Prospectors from all over the country rushed toward the Klondike Gold Rush, bringing a massive economic boom for the city. Hawkers, shop owners, innkeepers, and even mining instructors emerged to take advantage of the action. Even today, this rich history remains with one of the world’s smallest national parks, the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Today, Seattle is one of America’s fastest growing cities in America. Studies conducted during the most recent census show that between 2017 and 2018 Seattle not only had the most growth in population but they also saw an increase of 90,731 people over the past 5 years.

8. Sunglasses are Popular in Seattle
Did you know that people in Seattle purchase the most significant number of sunglasses per capita than any other city in the U.S.? While many people associate Seattle with gray, rainy skies, the simple fact is that Seattle experiences less annual rainfall than Houston, Chicago, and New York City. Living in luxury apartments or condominiums in Downtown Seattle means easy access to beautiful parks while staying within easy distance to famous national parks and wilderness areas. If you like getting out in nature or exploring the nearby ocean, Seattle offers many different opportunities to go boating, hiking, fishing, and many other activities.

9. First Major US City to Have A Female Mayor
In 1926, Seattle became the first city to have a woman mayor, Bertha Knight Landes who served a two year term. During her time, she worked hard to support city planning and zoning improvements as well as public health and safety programs and social and recreational programs. Today Seattle is a beautiful and thriving city, and much of that is due to their progressive and forward thinking nature. In fact, Seattle’s current mayor is Jenny Durkan who has been in office since 2009a and previously served as a United States Attorney, appointed by President Barack Obama.

10. Known as the Most Literate City in the Country
As far as literate rankings go, Seattle ranks the highest in the U.S. and also brags the highest percentage of library card-holders per capita. The Seattle Central Library is a must-see, well known for the iconic architecture (designed by Rem Koolhas). This impressive library is an 11 story glass and steel building, and has been featured in numerous films, it’s truly a must see for downtown Seattle. The culture is also an educated and artistic one, but not lacking in technology. It’s no surprise that a city housing massive tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Moz and many other big names provides a myriad of work opportunities for a variety of creative and technically minded people. Luxury apartments and condominiums in Downtown Seattle can make commuting to these business centers a breeze.


11. The Best Luxury Apartments and Condos
Seattle has no shortage of interesting history, landscapes and activities. From its early days rising in the middle of a gold rush to its modern progress with traffic, technology and business, residents have a lot to be proud about. You can become a part of the lively Seattle culture by checking out some of the luxury apartments and condos in Downtwon Seattle. Try checking out The Emerald to see how superior technology, design and service create one of the most elegant and convenient places to live in Seattle.

Everything a Luxury Apartment in Seattle Should Offer

Every prospective buyer in Seattle has a list of amenities that they’re looking for, and when you’re making a purchase, you shouldn’t have to settle. Seattle is an amazing town, but there are some choices that are better than others–some locations that offer everything you could want, while others fall short.

The Emerald, a luxury high-rise condominium complex combines all of the things you’re looking for in one sleek package, making it the ideal living space for the Seattle lifestyle. The Emerald has been designed with one goal in mind: to make it the perfect living space for you. Here are just a few of the many benefits of living in The Emerald Seattle.

A Perfect Seattle Neighborhood

You don’t have to sacrifice neighborhood and amenities just because you’re living in one of the nicest, newest highrise condos in town. While you may think that such a building must have been built on the outskirts of Seattle, that couldn’t be farther from the truth–it’s right down in the cultural heart of the city. Located at Second and Stewart, you’re in the center of downtown Seattle, with all that has to offer, and you’re only one block from the iconic landmark that is Pike’s Place Market, with all that comes with it. Great restaurants, great fresh food, great cut flowers–and you’re only a walk up the hill from the waterfront, featuring everything from the aquarium to the ferries to fabulous oyster bars and The Old Curiosity Shop. Everything you’d want in a Seattle experience is right outside your door.

But that’s just in one direction! What about heading east? Coffee shops like Anchorhead Coffee and Victrola Coffee Roasters are just a quick walk into the city, and for fine dining try RN74 or Patagon–or a dozen other places within walking distance. This is a city designed for walking, and The Emerald Seattle is in the center hub of all the action.
T-Mobile Park Seattle
Nearby Attractions
With the views offered from your condo, you may never wish to leave it–breathtaking seascapes of Puget Sound on one side, and snow-capped mountains on the other: Mt. Ranier, the Cascades–you are in the center of a panorama of beauty. But should you wish to venture out and experience more of what the neighborhood has in store, you could do worse than to walk or bike to any of the clubs, cruises, tours, and concert venues. There’s always something to do around the city, whether that’s admiring the city from the Space Needle’s 520-foot high observation deck or catching a laser show at the Pacific Science Center. Brewery tours, cocktail cruises, and food married to music are all common fare for Downtown Seattle.
Whether you gravitate toward quiet nights on the Puget Sound or a rock concert with friends, a truly luxurious apartment keeps you close to the action you crave.

Ideal Commute
A person’s day-to-day commute is one of the most important factors when choosing a new place to live. The time you spend commuting can add up significantly over the year, so having that extra time to spend doing things you enjoy can make a surprising difference when you move to a better location.

With dozens of public transportation options, from light rail to buses and electric bikes, Downtown Seattle is an ideal place to live with various job opportunities, grocery stores and entertainment options in close proximity, regardless of whether or not you prefer to drive. For those with a permanent car-free lifestyle, various car-sharing options are easily accessible all-around town. At The Emerald, a luxury condo high-rise in Downtown Seattle, owners have instant access to carshare options through an exciting partnership with Envoy, an on-demand service offering electric Tesla Model S or X vehicles.
First Hill Seattle University
Close to Nature
Despite being in an urban center, Downtown Seattle is unique in its proximity to a variety of incredible parks and a range of varying natural habitats.

The Puget Sound features Elliott Bay, where locals can go wildlife watching and kayaking to all sorts of sights and islands. There’s also the nearby Mt. Rainier where hikers, climbers and campers can enjoy the great outdoors.

Seattle itself features beautifully groomed parks with everything from Victorian-esque greenhouses to Japanese gardens. A cozy downtown location replete with a beautiful view of the bay and its twinkling piers at night is a feature you can only find with luxury options in Seattle.

Staying In
Let’s face it. We’ve just lived through a quarantine that has cooped us all up in our homes for months. Sometimes you can’t go to the restaurants or the waterfront. But what you can do is enjoy all of the amenities of a luxury condominium.

Aside from the magnificent vistas (viewable through floor-to-ceiling windows), the condos have so much more for those who are choosing to stay inside: custom wood cabinetry, quartz countertops, Bosch appliances–refrigerators, cooktops, ovens, and dishwasher–and a Whirlpool washer and dryer. And our bathrooms are every bit as luxurious as the kitchen and living space.
The Emerald fitness
Beautiful Community Spaces
How much can you get out of a luxury building’s community space? At The Emerald, the building features a full-floor rooftop amenity space, the Olympic Room, where owners have an unparalleled view of the city and bay while cooking at an outdoor grill surrounded by warm firepits. When comparing fitness areas, does the building provide the necessities to keep up your preferred healthy lifestyle? It’s much easier to stay fit in communities like The Emerald that feature a fitness center, yoga studio, and outdoor pet run.

The Emerald, Seattle’s newest and most luxurious buildings, has announced a partnership with Columbia Hospitality. This premier hospitality management group will ensure that the service level for all residents will exceed expectations. This award winning West Coast hospitality firm is recognized as a leading provider of incomparable concierge and property management services.
Reliable Security
Luxury locations also mean technology that can help keep your property safe. Buildings such as The Emerald offer Latch keyless entry systems, which use controls from a smartphone for secure and convenient access. 24/7 concierge service is also a true luxury to help you with concerns and services offered by your community. You can find all these features and more at The Emerald. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us today.

Downtown Seattle Neighborhoods with Luxury Apartments

Downtown Seattle Neighborhoods with Luxury Apartments and Condos

Luxury living in the Pacific Northwest has few equals, and there’s no better place to establish roots than right in the center of it all: downtown Seattle. With a quarter of a million residents and over 35,000 residents in downtown alone, Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. In the 2010s, Seattle was one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and through the middle of the decade it sustained a growth rate of over two and three percent, making Seattle one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. In fact, WalletHub published a report last year naming Seattle among the Top 3 Best Big Cities to Live.

Downtown Seattle

As the jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to dozens of luxury condo high rises. Whether you’re looking for a place in Belltown, Denny Triangle, the financial district, Pioneer Square, International District, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Queen Anne, or the western flank of First Hill west of Broadway, you have many options when it comes to luxury apartments in downtown Seattle. But not every neighborhood has the amenities and lifestyle you’d expect from a true luxury condo in Seattle.


Introducing The Emerald in the Pike Place Neighborhood

One crowning achievement in the highly desirable Pike Place Market neighborhood offers the latest and greatest in luxury living in the area with no compromises. Just blocks from the iconic Pike Place Market, where you can watch fishmongers throw the catch of the day in front of locals and tourists alike, sits The Emerald, a 40-story luxury condo building with residences featuring units listed at $500,000 reaching up to $10 million-dollar penthouses to delight even the most discerning buyer. With some of the best access to of the bustling nightlife and unique culture in the highly desirable downtown Seattle neighborhood, as well as breathtaking views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains, The Emerald puts you just steps from the city’s best culinary and cultural destinations at Second and Stewart, which is definitively the epicenter of Seattle.

seattle emerald aerial

Unlike other Seattle luxury apartments and condos, inside buildings that are decades old, each of The Emerald’s residences are newly constructed, so you’ll get to experience true luxury living in your condo for the first time, without having to deal with someone else’s luxury leftovers. And with The Emerald’s rooftop retreats and various outdoor spaces that extend your home into a boundless luxurious experience, you’ll be able to entertain, take in the sights or just relax in the comfort of your downtown Seattle luxury escape, all without setting foot outside the building.


From the full-floor rooftop amenity space with indoor and outdoor lounges to catered media rooms and outdoor firepits with al fresco dining, you’ll find countless reasons to just stay in while the world bustles around you outside. Additionally, the building’s fitness center, open-air terraces and yoga studio means you can get a workout in at any time. When you decide to venture out, a 24/7 concierge and ground-floor retail — and countless other shops, restaurants and retail within blocks — means you don’t have to go far for the best that the city has to offer. If one you’d like to get out and explore greater Seattle over the weekend, The Emerald offers resident only on-demand electric Tesla Model X and Model S vehicles through a partnership with car-sharing company, Envoy. Clean, sleek and efficient vehicles will be there at the touch of a finger through the Envoy app. Additionally the Emerald has partnered with The Thompson Hotel to provide resident only benefits featuring discounts at the restaurants and bar, a special cocktail menu and discounts for hotel stays, parking, and more!


Owning At The Emerald

Dwell recently called The Emerald “the city’s most highly-anticipated condominium building” in “its beautiful surrounding landscape” and a “fundamental awareness and characteristics of the architectural design” that drives the overall design aesthetic. With only 262 residences, residences at Seattle’s defining address, The Emerald, are selling fast. It’s hard enough to find the perfect luxury apartment or condo in Seattle, much less have the opportunity to buy brand new. With unrivaled views and breathtaking amenity spaces, The Emerald puts you just blocks away from Pike Place Market and the Seattle waterfront, without the inherent risks of buying in an older building. Even if you’d prefer to stay home, your friends and family will appreciate the central location and copious amenities, never mind the meticulously designed and sprawling residences that give you privacy and quiet when you need it and an easy escape into a world of rich culture as soon as you exit this majestic building.

luxury condos in seattle

But don’t just take our word for it. Dujour recently profiled one of our stunning Pike Place listings, fawning over the latest $1.7 million condo listing and calling it a “stunning Seattle residence” inside the “tallest waterfront high rise on the west coast.” Aspire Design and Home devoted some coverage to The Emerald as well, discussing the challenges that went into what turned out to be a unique and picturesque design.


For more information or to schedule a virtual tour of The Emerald, please visit theemeraldseattle.com or call 206-453-6800. Remember to also follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @theemeraldseattle.

10 Beautiful Luxury Condos That Sold Last Year in Downtown Seattle

When you take breathtaking views of the Puget Sound and match that with easy access to Seattle’s world-class cuisine, exciting nightlife and rich culture, you get a unique urban lifestyle you just can’t replicate outside of the city. Seattle brings anew level of this urban experience with new high-rise living options across its many diverse downtown neighborhoods.

For those looking to call downtown home, now is the perfect time to buy a high-rise condo in Seattle. Interest rates remain at historical lows and high-end inventory is fast coming online, infusing the market with rare opportunities to own luxury residences in the Emerald City. Indeed, real estate moves fast here, with half of all homes listed receiving an offer in just nine days, so the time to act is now.
From sprawling penthouses to exciting new luxury towers, here are 10 of the most beautiful downtown Seattle condos that sold last year in downtown Seattle.


10. MARKETPLACE TOWER, 2033 1st Ave APT 3, Seattle, WA 98121
Sold at more than $9 million, this four bedroom, four-point-one bath property is one of seven condos in the Market Place Tower. With over 4,500 square feet of living space over two levels, this four-bedroom, five-bath home is positioned at the epicenter of it all, offering views of Puget Sound, Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains, as well as a 300-square-foot landscaped patio. This penthouse comes with private lobby access and a 24-hour live-in concierge.


9. LOEWS HOTEL CONDO, 1000 1st Ave UNIT 2400, Seattle, WA 98104
Sold for nearly $5 million in November of 2019, this 1st Avenue penthouse sits atop the Loews Hotel 1000, a beautiful staple of the Seattle skyline. With all the services and amenities you’d expect from a five-star hotel, this abode stretches over three thousand square feet with two bedrooms and two-and-a-quarter bathrooms. With views of Puget Sound and Downtown Seattle from the open living spaces, four view decks bring you even closer to Seattle’s sights and sounds. Additionally, the hotel’s concierge, room service, valet parking, housekeeping and other services are all at your disposal.


8. FOUR SEASONS CONDO, 99 Union St UNIT 1201, Seattle, WA 98101
Sold at exactly $4 million in January of this year, this 2,000-square-foot, two-bedroom and three-bath Four Seasons condo was a resale opportunity offering stone and wood finishes — and beautiful waterfront views. With the full support of the Four Seasons staff, this luxury Seattle condo comes with a 24-hour concierge, valet, security, room service, fitness center, housekeeping and an outdoor pool and spa.


7. MILLENNIUM TOWER, 715 2nd Ave APT 1804, Seattle, WA 98104
Listed in November, this unit was sold in December of 2019. Featured in Architectural Digest, this $2.9 million “Transparent Loft” sits as a testament to modern and minimalist luxury. Designed by architect Jim Olson, FAIA of Olson Kundig, this elemental and unpretentious condo features a mix of gorgeous materials, including terrazzo countertops, milestone floors and a glass-enclosed kitchen and master bath. Additionally, Italian Pedini cabinets and a Mcintosh entertainment system bring a dash of culture and elegance. Outside, a terrace equipped with an infrared grill provides seating for 10.


6. ESCALA, 1920 4th Ave APT 3102, Seattle, WA 98101
Sold in downtown Seattle, this spectacular top floor penthouse will run you a cool $9.9 million for three bedrooms and four baths in 4,522 square feet. A rare offering built in 2010, this penthouse has some of the best views of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains in downtown Seattle. With custom finishes and features, this unit comes with 5 parking spaces and an unmatched level of luxury. The amenities don’t stop short there, this location also includes a 24-hour concierge, private spa, lap pool, gym, yoga studio, theater, and a catering kitchen.


5. MILLENNIUM TOWER: 801 2nd Ave N APT 401, Seattle, WA 98109
Another condominium sold at Millennium Tower, this meticulously designed condo sold for just under $2.5 million for two bedrooms and four baths in 2,700 square feet. Situated in the heart of downtown, this entertainer’s delight features 10′ ceilings, wall-to-wall windows and a timeless, Pacific Northwest-inspired design comprised of wood, stone, steel and glass. Surrounded by both old and new architecture and just blocks from the water, this residence provides privacy, comfort and security – all just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.


4. FIFTEEN TWENTY_ONE: 1521 2nd Ave APT 1100, Seattle, WA 98101
Listed at $2.45 million, this unit sold just under $2.3 million in February 2020. This two-bedroom, two-bath loft is on the northwest corner home at the FIFTEEN TWENTY-ONE building. Located just blocks from waterfront park, offers views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains, and directly overlooks Pike Place Market. With a master bedroom spa, open floor plan and a gourmet kitchen, this residence boasts a glass solarium complete with fireplace for those chilly Pacific nights.


3. LUMA, 1321 Seneca St #1407, Seattle, WA 98101
Sold in December 2019, this $1.1 million loft offers easy access to several restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and more. Nestled in the heart of Capitol Hill, this unit also comes equipped with one parking space and a utility storage. With over 1100 square feet, this plan is perfect for entertaining with a spacious kitchen including stainless steel appliances, gas stove and marble countertops. Luma offers many amenities including 24 hour concierge service, dog run, and secure access parking.


2. INSIGNIA CONDOS: 588 Bell St APT 3603, Seattle, WA 98101
Sold in January of 2020 for just over $1.3 million, this corner loft provides views of Lake Union, downtown and Puget Sound. With two bedrooms and two baths, this property features an open floor plan with a large great room. The tranquil views from the unit also come with some impressive amenities like a roof top sky lounge and plenty of storage.


1. THE EMERALD: 121 Stewart Street APT 3605, Seattle, WA 98101
Sold last July for nearly $4 million The Emerald began selling properties unlike any other starting with this 1600 square foot unit. Featuring 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an open floor plan where you can see picturesque views of the city from anywhere in the unit. Amenities here simply don’t fall short, The Emerald offers rooftop retreats and outdoor spaces that transform home into an experience. Utilize unmatched amenities such as the resident media room, catering kitchen, resident guest suite, fitness center, outdoor pet run and on demand luxury electric vehicle car share for the convenience of everyday living. As one of the newest and most impressive additions to the Seattle skyline, The Emerald is Seattle’s defining address. Situated at the coveted location on 2ndnd Avenue and Stewart Street, The Emerald is perfectly positioned in downtown Seattle with expansive views of Elliott Bay, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, the Space Needle, Mt. Rainier, and more.


With 4 tiers of luxury lofts available at The Emerald, you are sure to find an ideal home to suit your needs and wants. Starting with the City Collection on floors 4-16, offering styled and smart homes with refined finishes and open floor plans. Then the Panoramic Collection which occupies the middle and upper floors of the tower, floors 17-38, are filled with incredible views that look across the entire city. From Puget Sound to the islands, and mountain ranges beyond. The next exclusive set features the Penthouse Collection, floors 34-37, which are The Emerald’s most elevated and luxurious homes. The top floors of the building have been reserved for these spacious residences which offer the largest floor plans, upgraded finishes and appliances, as well as the most breathtaking and uninterrupted views of Seattle. Lastly, the Premier Penthouse Collection, boasts two exclusive units that offer the most spacious and dramatic views The Emerald has to offer. Both with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms at well over 3500 square feet, this collection is the picture of elegance and tranquility.


All just one block from Pike Place Market and the Seattle waterfront. You can own an iconic piece of Seattle’s skyline in a brand new, modern building that’s perfectly set for the future yet grounded in the here and now. At 40 stories, The Emerald towers over the surrounding buildings, giving you great views and vantage points of all downtown Seattle. The Emerald, unlike other properties, truly brings the concept of “downtown Seattle living” to life.

The market is still moving! With a fast-growing tech sector and new employment opportunities in the pipeline – plus tight inventory, Seattle tops the list of cities where real estate remains strong. The Wall Street Journal features our market with notable highlights. Click here to read the full story.

For more information on The Emerald, please visit https://theemeraldseattle.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @theemeraldseattle.

The Top 3 Reasons Downtown Seattle Luxury Condos are Worth Checking Out

Through the rain and crisp ocean air, Seattle is a bright city full of creative energy and tech-savvy potential. Its housing market reflects much of the City’s personality with new and upcoming housing that brings modern, luxurious flare to life in Seattle. Few things can beat the lively culture of Downtown Seattle, and living in the middle of it has never been more comfortable.

If you’re curious about what makes Downtown Seattle luxury condos worth looking at, we’ve compiled our top reasons why Seattle is one of the best places to live.

Seattle downtown condos are very popular

Prime location is everything when it comes to truly luxurious condos. Many people crave the time they could save by living closer to where they work: if you shaved off 30 minutes commuting to work every day, that’s roughly 250 hours of time saved every year.
One of the best parts of having a downtown Seattle home is being able to easily commute to where you work, especially since many large companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Nordstrom are all in the area. Downtown residents enjoy walking to work, cycling or hopping on the bus to get to the office instead of dealing with cars or traffic at all.
Another great aspect of a downtown Seattle location is simply being closer to the cultural heart of the city. Downtown is where the vast majority of festivals like “Seafair Torchligh Parade” and “PrideFest” happen, so the less you have to fight traffic to be part of the celebration, the easier it is to participate with friends and family. Being close to the action can help you weave your way into new social circles, whether you favor Belltown’s bars, restaurants, and music venues, paddleboarding around Lake Union, or appreciating art at one of the many different galleries in Pioneer Square and beyond.
Quality of life can also improve when you live close to the things you enjoy. Downtown Seattle features a wide array of great food, including celebrity chef restaurants and artisanal fare that you can only find in Seattle. Consider checking out The Pink Door for fresh Italian and Seafood in Pike Place and end your night out with a stop at The Nest at Thompson Hotel for rooftop cocktails and dessert. There’s also no shortage of Seattle’s famous coffeeshops where you can find great coffee and treats, including the original Starbuck’s or Storyville Coffee at Pike’s Place, while you enjoy conversation or some quiet time to recharge your battery. With vintage theaters like The Moore and The Showbox, as well as museums including the Seattle Museum of Modern Art, parks such as the famed Sculpture Art Museum on the waterfront and the lively Pike Place Market across the street from The Emerald, you’ll never be hurting for something fun and engaging to do.


What sets luxury condominiums apart from your average living space? The view, for one. The Emerald’s condos are just two blocks from the waterfront and overlook the Puget Sound for a daily view of the shimmering bay and the Olympic Mountains beyond. The high rise residences at The Emerald feature stunning views of Downtown Seattle, Lake Union and the Space Needle, and that’s only half of it. On clear days, southern homes can even catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier. Rather than always looking to go out for something new and interesting to see, you’ll be able to take in spectacular views from home and enjoy the quiet moments you spend at home.
The Emerald offers exclusive resident-only amenities that give all residents access to incredible views, open air and the sky beyond on a 40th floor rooftop deck and club lounge with multiple outdoor and indoor seating areas for al fresco dining, taking in the views over a fire pit – and most importantly – provide 360 degree views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Cascades Mountains and the Harbor. You’ll be able to enjoy our yoga studio, fitness center and open-air terrace, or kick back and relax in a fully equipped resident media room. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces at the Emerald are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, featuring a full-floor indoor/outdoor lounge on the 40th story, replete with outdoor firepits, grills, and al fresco dining.  
downtown seattle luxury condos for sale
One thing you can often expect from Downtown Seattle luxury condos is modern, comfortable living. At The Emerald, each home is built to be a reflection of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, creating open spaces that celebrate the open sky and glittering water of the Puget Sound. Custom wood cabinetry with integrated lighting, quartz countertop and backsplashes, and stainless steel kitchen appliances are the kitchen norm in The Emerald’s condominium homes. You can also expect the bath suites to share similarly beautiful designs, featuring chrome fixtures and a white alcove bathtub. Living spaces have floor-to-ceiling windows and European White Oak hardwood flooring to truly make the space feel luxurious.
Ultimately, luxury condos have the technology and services in place to keep you, your family and your possessions safe. You can live every day with peace of mind when you are away from home thanks to the integration of smart security systems. The Emerald features Latch keyless entry systems for personal residences and facilities so access across the building is both secure and convenient. The Emerald also offers valet parking, exclusive dining and cocktail perks for residents only, and discounts on accommodation for their guests’ next stay through the Thompson Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel just next door. If you’ve ever been curious about luxury electric cars, The Emerald also includes two on-demand carshare vehicles – a Tesla Model X and Model S – through Envoy so you can enjoy a ride around town that’s both luxurious and supportive of clean energy.

Being a part of Seattle means having nature at your doorstep. The city is full of beautifully manicured parks and surrounded by gorgeous natural reserves that you’ll be able to visit whenever it suits you. We have plenty of activities within walking distance, including a short ½ mile trek to the Olympic Sculpture Park or walking down to the soon-to-be reimagined Waterfront Park where the Alaskan Way Viaduct highway used to sit. The Emerald offers exclusive amenities like their Rooftop Lounge and outdoor spaces that provide 360 degree views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, Cascades Mountains and the Harbor.
Soak in nature from the 40th floor rooftop of The Emerald without ever leaving your home or take a break from city life by exploring the outdoors to enjoy a day hike at any one of the region’s popular tourist destinations.

Bainbridge Island is just one ferry-ride away from Downtown Seattle and features Bloedel Reserve, a beautiful forest garden. There’s even more expansive state parks and outdoor recreational areas to enjoy there (not to mention the ocean life you can spot along the bay, which includes the occasional orca), and that’s only one of many famous destinations. Mt. Rainier National Park, Snoqualmie Falls and the whole of the Olympic Peninsula will be yours to explore.
In tandem with its natural landscape, Seattle is also known for its commitment to green practices, including recycling and care for the environment. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the community, whether you’re creatively, politically or economically minded.

As the largest city in Washington, Seattle has a vast variety of housing options to choose from. If you’re interested in a building with modern, nature-inspired designs, inspiring views, high-rise rooftop amenities and prompt concierge service, The Emerald is well-suited to your tastes. You’ll be able to enjoy our yoga studio, fitness center and open-air terrace, or kick back and relax in a fully equipped resident media room. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces at the Emerald are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, featuring a full-floor indoor/outdoor lounge on the 40th story, replete with outdoor firepits, grills, and al fresco dining.
If you’d like to know more about luxury life at the Emerald, feel free to visit us online or contact us today.

Why Seattle Downtown Condos Are So Popular

Seattle downtown condos are very popular

With iconic imagery all around, and the best that modern cuisine and culture have to offer, downtown Seattle real estate has exploded in desirability in recent years.  This is due to its incredible summers, walkable size, strong tech presence and quickly appreciating property values. It’s also an iconic musical and arts city — its history heavily intertwined with seminal music trends, such as jazz between 1920 and 1950 and the grunge movement of the nineties — and is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix, Brandi Carlile, Macklemore and the Foo Fighters, to name a few.
As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to almost four million people, but only a select few live in the center of it all. While outlying suburbs allow for large homes on acreage for the most part, downtown Seattle lofts, if you manage to find one for sale, are unique and inspiring.  In addition, the market is starting to open up a bit after years of low inventory.  Prices are also moving, so it’s a good time to get into the market. The Emerald is the first high-rise to jump into this growing market full-force, as we have move-ins starting in July of 2020. But if you’re not yet convinced, here’s why downtown Seattle is where you should be looking to make your next big luxury loft purchase.


Home to the iconic Space Needle, Pike Place Market and, more recently, the Seattle Great Wheel, which opened in 2012, Seattle has countless attractions to entice, inspire and titillate, complete with a breathtaking skyline that is always flanked by Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay and the Port of Seattle on Puget Sound. Lesser known Seattle staples such as the Seattle Center Monorail, Olympic Sculpture Park and the Central Public Library by architect Rem Koolhaas are all worthy destinations in their own right, and there’s always the Seattle Aquarium and the Washington State Ferries for when the water calls.  The development along the waterfront is also coming along, and this is going to bring the Bay back to the people, so to speak.  A new Seattle Aquarium is being built as part of this massive project, and there will be green space for families to enjoy.  That’s quite a step up from what used to be an area solely for vehicles.
Seattle Climate


We’re all familiar with the idea that it rains a lot in Seattle, but we’re not talking about something out of the ordinary. In fact, Seattle gets about 38 inches of rain per year, which is equal to the U.S. average, and less than New York City or Chicago. Furthermore, Seattle gets about 150 days of sun a year, so it’s not as if every day is a gloomy experience. Also, because the cool Pacific keeps the Emerald City temperate, a July high around 76 degrees Fahrenheit and a January low around 37 means you’ll spend most of the year in comfortable, cool weather, not burning up or freezing like you would in countless other major cities across the U.S. Seattle summers – for those who have the pleasure of experiencing them – are considered the best in the country; sun, cool air, no humidity – all framed by endless water (the Sound, Lake Union and Lake Washington) and epic mountain ranges (Rainier to the south, Cascades to the east, Olympics to the west).   There’s really nothing like day after day of warm sun, when it’s not too hot and the views are truly spectacular as far as the eye can see.  Seattle residents and visitors make the most of this time of year because it’s a glorious time to be outside.
T-Mobile Park Seattle

Professional Sports

Seattle is also a huge sports town, home to the championship Seattle Seahawks NFL team, where (super)fans are routinely called the 12th man — a reference to the NFL rule that allows only 11 members of each team on the field at any time. The Seattle Mariners, who play at T-Mobile Park, also call this city home. Even ice hockey is coming to Seattle for the 2021-22 NHL season. If that weren’t enough, there’s also the Seattle Sounders FC (MLS), Seattle Dragons (XFL), Seattle Storm (WNBA), Seattle Reign FC (NWSL) and the Seattle Seawolves (MLR) — enough to keep any sports fan engaged all year round.  You don’t even have to be a fan to know that a game is happening on a particular day.  You’ll see Sounders fans marching to the pitch, Seahawks fans reveling near the stadium in their jerseys and an entire community coming together to root for their team.  It’s as if the entire town becomes a giant tailgate party.
Starbucks Seattle

Industry and Big Tech

In 2010, Seattle’s gross metropolitan product was over $230 billion, making it the 11th largest metro economy in the U.S. Before moving their operations to Chicago, Boeing was, for many years, the largest company headquartered in Seattle. Today, behemoths such as Amazon, Starbucks and Nordstrom are run from Seattle. Other companies such as Costco, REI, Microsoft, Nintendo of America, T-Mobile US and Expedia are headquartered in nearby areas. Google and Facebook are also putting roots down here, and several other companies including Expedia are either already or soon to call the area home.  This has led to a constant pull of highly educated workers from elsewhere in the U.S. and internationally to become Seattleites, further bolstering the local economy and driving Seattle’s real estate.

Walkability / Connectivity

Unlike many sprawling metropolises that struggle to efficiently transport their populations on aging or expensive public transport systems, straining resources with an overreliance on cars and other inefficient forms of transportation, Seattle’s a big city that you can actually get around by walking. Indeed, most of Seattle’s streets are laid out in optimized grids that primarily run in cardinal directions, meaning that you’re never more than a few blocks from essential amenities, no matter where you are in the city proper. And because of the efficient road system, Seattle’s buses are actually effective, and the Link light rail system picks up the rest of the slack, improving traffic congestion and commute times for all.  The rail system investment was approved by voters in 2016, and it’s coming along nicely.  See here for updates, but it’s going to help with some of those walks downtown that can be hilly for some.  For others, electric assist bicycles are nearly ubiquitous and a less challenging form of transportation than walking up inclines.


Seattle’s long-standing cultural traditions are evident across the city and include the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet, and various chamber music festivals. There’s also the 5th Avenue Theater, the Paramount Theatre and the Romanesque Revival Town Hall, which hold numerous performances and cultural events. Furthermore, there’s the musical history of Jackson Street, which was home to dozens of jazz clubs that helped nurture the early careers of luminaries such as Ray Charles and Quincy Jones. And who can forget the whirlwind of grunge in the nineties that saw the ascendance of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, among others, who would go on to export the “Seattle sound” worldwide.

Property Values

Since 2015, Seattle-area property values, which usually peak in the summer, have outpaced the national average. By about mid-2018, prices were 50 percent higher than June 2014, and today they sit somewhere between 40 and 50 percent. And while it’s true that Seattle home prices have fallen in 2019 compared to 2018, the same is true for San Francisco, San Diego and other desirable West Coast cities that have experienced large booms over the last decade. But most experts agree that recent growth was unsustainable, and the slight pullback this year is more of a market correction than an indictment of Seattle real estate. That said, this temporary depression in prices means it’s a great time to buy, especially on the higher end of the market.

The Emerald

While most downtown Seattle lofts for sale are few and far between, every once in a blue moon an opportunity to snatch up prime real estate in Seattle’s urban center presents itself. With The Emerald, that time is now. Boasting 40 stories of luxury condos and 262 signature residences on the coveted corner of Second and Stewart, The Emerald is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of the iconic Seattle skyline. Complete with views of the Olympic Mountains, the iconic Space Needle and the famous Pike Place Market, these modern high-rise condos are sure to go quick. Call or click to schedule a tour of what many are calling the most desirable building in Seattle.